My Mission


I’ll lay it out very simply. I would like to double my salary. My monthly take home pay is approximately $4000 (after retirement, health insurance, etc.). My wife’s is about $3000 (she is also in education). Before reading the goals below it is important to point out that I’m not looking to quit my job. I love my job; I just wish it paid more. Also, I’m willing to work hard and put in extra hours, however, I want to earn money via the internet because eventually I would like to set up automated streams of income that requires very little time. Before you judge please understand that I already work 50 to 60 hours a week and with a second baby on the way I absolutely refuse to accept that I have to give up being a good dad and husband in order to earn more money.

GOAL #1: By November 2014 I would like to run an Internet business that earns me an additional $4000 (take home) per month.

GOAL #2: By November 2014 I would like to run an Internet business that earns me an additional $7000 (take home) per month.


As of now that is where I’m lacking. I have, literally, no idea how to do this. I have done plenty of research and found some potential leads, however, most of those leads assume you have some type of skill or product that can generate income. As of now, I have none that I’m aware of.


1.)TRANSPARENCY. If I find a resource that helps me make money. I will tell you how I got it and how it made me money. I will also tell you if I make a commission on anything I promote here.

2.)HONESTY. I genuinely believe that as an educator it is my responsibility to be a role model, therefore, it is imperative that every penny I potentially make comes from people who know what they’re getting and are in no way duped or scammed.

3.)SIMPLICITY. I’ll speak with real people language only, all messages will assume that readers are not programmers (this works out as I am not a programmer and couldn’t use the language if I tried).

Check back to see if I make any progress towards my first goal or if you’re trying something similar let me know! Lastly, if you have any wisdom and/or good (honest) resources that have helped you, feel free to share!



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